Dr. Seuss-Inspired Treats & Activities

Friday marks the 108th birthday of Dr. Seuss, one of the greatest contributors to children’s storytelling in our history. These days, his work is pervasive and you’d be hard pressed to find a college graduate who did not receive a copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” or a set of twins who made it through their early years without being dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Dr. Seuss stories remain favorites of kids of all ages, with their silly rhymes and fantastical creatures, there’s truly something for everyone.

In honor of his upcoming birthday this Friday, we’ve put together a great list of Seuss-inspired treats and activities to get you in the spirit. Go beyond just Green Eggs & Ham with our super fun ideas which include everything from Cat in the Hat snacks to handmade activity blocks to Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes. Enjoy!

Cat In The Hats

Left Foot, Right Foot Keepsake

“Thing” Pencils

One Fish, Two Fish Cookies

The Lorax Roll A Dice Game

Get Your Nails in The Dr. Seuss Spirit

Green Eggs & Ham Candy

Personalized Thing 1 and Thing 2 People

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Snacks

Truffala Trees

There’s a Wocket In My Pocket Rhyming Game

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes

Oh, The Places You’ll Go Incentive Jar

Pack a Dr. Seuss-Inspired Lunch!

Daisy-Head Maizy Headgear

Green Eggs & Ham Snacks

Serve Up Some Beezlenut Splash

Thing 1 And Thing 2 Handprint Art

Dr. Seuss Activity Blocks



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