Get Organized: Creative Ways to Display & Store Your Child’s Artwork

When my two oldest boys were younger, I could barely keep up with the sheer volume of “original masterpieces” and “one of a kinds” they churned out every day. Then, they started elementary school and now I’m pretty sure that if you want to stop rain forest destruction, you should start by taking crayons and paint brushes away from my children. You guys know the drill, they come home from school with a backpack overflowing with their work from the day, and then you either pile it up on the counter or wait until they leave the room to toss it in the recycle bin (okay fine, the trash, you caught me).

We’re now in year two of full day school and the reams of paper it involves, so I made it my mission to find a way to tame the piles while letting my pint-sized Picassos know that I love seeing what they brought home. Here are some creative, unique and most of all organized ways to display or store your tiny treasures.

Make a Mini Picture Gallery and mix it up by including some chalkboard, dry erase or magnetic surfaces as well so they can add art on the fly.

Scan the images and display them as a collage next to a picture of the budding artist. Don’t have time to pee or brush your teeth anymore, much less tackle this little project? Good news, it’s also available on Etsy.

Scrapbook it.

File them away in labeled folders inside labeled bins. Before you start complaining, you don’t even need to know how to make yours all pretty and perfect like this picture, just click this link to find all the free printables involved. Seriously, in my next life I want to come back as organized as this amazing mama.

Try using floating frames to make an interchangeable display wall.

Hang some wire curtain rods (available on the cheap from Ikea, if you happen to live near one and have five extra hours and enough rationed supplies to make it from the door and back to your car again). Kids can add, subtract and change up their artwork on a whim, love this!

Use three-ring binders and limit yourself to saving only what will fit inside each of them for the year.

Hit up the United States Postal Service. Seriously, if all else fails and you have 2.3 minutes in which you’d like to get everything filed away, yet organized, go grab yourself a free Priority Mail box for each child. Put the box up somewhere out of the way, label it with your child’s name and the year and then fill it up until that last day of school in June. Once they get off the bus for the last time until September (shudder), you seal that bad boy up and store it until the day they want to see how they used to draw Mario figures for Easy peasy.

Make a gallery display wall

How do you display and store your child’s school projects and artwork?


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