The Top Four Flash Sale Sites for Kids

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I am a huge fan of Hautelook and the great deals it provides. Since it’s inception in 2007, members have been able to get rock-bottom prices on quality merchandise, and a spate of other flash sale sites have also cropped up to mirror its’ success. Luckily for the consumers, this increased competition has bred innovation and what was once just an industry for women has grown to encompass men, children, housewares, travel and more.

If you have children you know they grow fast, and their clothing demands grow right along with them. I tend to hit the outlets which are located right near my house for kids’ clothes and now, I also make generous use of the top flash sale sites. There are a lot of these sites to choose from, and your inbox can quickly become flooded with daily announcements if you’re not careful. If you’re like me and would rather just hit a few carefully curated sites, here are four really good ones to start with.

1. Hautelook Kids: They generally feature at least five different sales at a time and unlike many of the others, cater almost equally to both boys and girls. You can also find a great selection of kid’s toys, usually things you would either already be looking for or can’t wait to get once you find out about them.

Some picks from today’s sales include:

2. Little Rue from Rue La La: This is a new entry into the already crowded sale site field, however I’m a definite fan already. Shipping is like comparing email to postal mail in that you actually get your items very quickly after you buy them. That is the one drawback to all the other sites – shipping can take two to three weeks, sometimes more. Little Rue features a lot of different sales every day where you can find top-tier, name-brand merchandise at really great savings.

Some picks from today’s sales include:

3. Gilt Baby & Kids: Gilt Group is the other “grandfather” of the flash sale site group, and as such you can expect to find the best brands here and one of the largest selections. I love this site for the kid’s category – they have baby, kid’s, toys, decor as well as maternity – one-stop shopping at it’s best. I think this is probably the best and biggest selection of kid’s sale merchandise on any given day. They don’t beef up their sale page with whatever company they can get their hands on like some other sites, so you know you’ll be finding brands you already love at seriously good prices.

Some Boy’s Apparel picks from today’s sale include:

4. Zulily: This site is probably my least frequented of the group, but the only reason for that is they often feature lots of girl sales. I’m a three boy mama so I tend to hit the sites that are more evenly gender weighted but seeing as 49% of the world is made up of girls, I know there are a lot of you out there that would find Zulily really useful. Don’t get me wrong, they do feature daily boy sales as well as some great deals on toys and gear, I just don’t always find the selection big enough to merit a daily visit. From what I see though, the girl’s selections are great and many of my friends shop from them weekly. They also have great maternity and nursing essentials so it’s a good pick to meet many of your mothering needs.

Some picks from today’s sales include:

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