Fourteen Festive Holiday Cocktails

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a tried and true, bonafide lover of the warm weather. I’ll take 100 degrees and humid over 10 degrees and bone-freezing ANY day of the week. This doesn’t work out incredibly well for me living in the Northeast but luckily, as much as I love summer, I also really love the holiday season.

From Thanksgiving until New year’s, I can actually take the frigid temperatures and powdery snow because it’s “festive” and I am a sucker for all things that fall into that category. I love the lights, the decorations, the cheesy movies, the looks on my kids’ faces when they see Santa, the threats of coal that get them to actually behave for a month (trust me, this threat does not work in July, I’ve tried it), I love it all. And do you know what I especially love? The drinks! They’re fruity, they’re festive, they’re colorful…and they’re made from alcohol. What more could one ask for?! I mentioned I have three kids, right? And that they’re all boys too? I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea here.

So every year throughout the month of December, I like to whip up some different holiday cocktails, because what I really need in life is another excuse to make drinks. I’m guessing if you read this blog you also have kids or you like alcohol or pretty things or you’re a human so in the spirit of giving – here are some super awesome and totally festive holiday libations to try out this year!

Frozen Cranberry Margaritos
Because you’re already cold anyway!

Eggnog Martini
While Eggnog to me is equal to eating goose liver or doing the Polar Bear swim in January, I hear people really like it. Why? I have no idea, but if you are one of these people, this one should appeal to you. Even though it’s gross and you should be ashamed of yourself for admitting this.

Winter Sangria
Here at Hello Little One, Sangria is pretty much our official cocktail and we drink it year round. The recipe we usually make is fruity and awesome and totally not eggnog, but personally, I also love to make this one in the winter. This version is more heavily spiced with seasonal notes, and it’s a definite crowd pleaser.

 Cranberry Cocktails

Reindeer Tracks

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shots
Um…yes, please!

The Grinch
Although I suspect you won’t be one after a few of these bad boys.

Candy Cane Lane
Way better than the candy canes my kids pull out of the advent calendar each day.

Jingle Juice
Switch the candy cane for a tropical umbrella in summer and I think you’ve found an all-seasons drink here!

Strawberry Champagne Slushy
Second official drink of Hello Little One: Champagne. Or as I like to call it: dancing juice.

Peppermint Patty
Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this combo.

Cranberry Sparkler

Mulled Wine Sangria

Wicked Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail

Which one do you think you’ll try out this holiday season? Remember, it’s already 5 o’clock somewhere…


  1. I want all of the above!

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