Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift Like a Professional

We all have that friend, the one who always buys the perfect gift and who always has it wrapped gorgeously. Thank God for that friend because first, we’re getting awesome gifts and second, we get to steal her ideas for how to wrap them. I am not that friend, at least not when it comes to wrapping, so I decided to track down some resources on how to beef up this particular skill set this year.

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Luckily, I already know how to wrap pretty well, as my mother taught me how early in life (and I’m on to you, by the way, Mom. I know you only taught me so I would wrap all the presents while you sat drinking Bailey’s but that’s a topic for another day. Also, kudos, I’m totally stealing that move on my own kids.) For those of you who didn’t have a seriously forward-thinking, child-labor-loving Mom, check out this video which covers the basics of getting some wrapping around the box without it looking like a 2 year-old did it.

Holiday gift wrap

Now, once you get the box wrapped in actual paper, your choices are fairly endless with what to do next. Want to make a pretty bow on top? Watch this video┬áto get some good step-by-step instruction on how to make that happen. Want to wrap a wine bottle instead (yes, please!), watch this to learn how. How about wrapping a cat to put under the tree? You know you’re thinking about it now, so here’s a video for that too.

eco gift wrap DIY - as seen on Design Sponge!

The great thing about gift wrapping (yes, there is a great thing) is that you’re not stuck with plain old Santa paper and big red bows. Think outside of the box (pun intended) and get creative. Here’s some inspiration to get your started:

Coleen's elegant gift wrap

holiday gift wrap

Try adding custom gift tags as well!

More gift wrapping ideas:

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2010 Holiday Gift Wrapping

Holiday Gift Wrapping

Blue Ice Skating

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2011 Holiday Gift Wrap Paper at Lisa's Gift Wrappers

holiday gift wrap

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Gift wrap made out of vintage poster of The Smiths

Reusable Holiday Gift Tags

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Compai's {earth friendly} gift wrapping ideas

Now the only real question left is…what are you getting me?

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