Get Crafty: Making Homemade Kid’s Christmas Ornaments

CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS If your tree looks anything like mine, you have all the good ornaments on the top third, and all the non-breakable, ‘can find another one just like it at Target tomorrow’ ones on the rest of it. Actually, if your tree looks anything like mine, you used to have the bottom decorated but now all those ornaments are under the couch or in the dog bowl or sitting on the table because you refuse to put them back up one more freaking time. Can you tell I have a one-year-old in the house? Yeah. But this one-year-old also has two older brothers, and for the last few years we have spent some “crafty time” making cute little ornaments that they love to pull out of the box every year.

Now, another way you may be like me is that the entire extent of your sewing skills entails dropping things off at the tailor, so my list of homemade ornaments will not require you to wield needle and thread, just glue and whatever material the activity calls for. We like to label the finished product with the name of the child and the year we made it so every December, the ornament box is a time capsule of sorts for us to go through. Right before the baby tries to destroy them all again, that is.

Here are some great ideas that are easy to do and fun to make with your kids, what level you decide to place them at on your tree is entirely up to you!

Reindeer Clothespin Ornaments (you know you made these too as a kid!) Also, consider staining some brown to get them more of a true reindeer color and painting some pink to get some cute little females (white fuzzy tail required!):


Handprint Snowmen:

Festive Photo:

Rudolph Balls (insert dirty joke here):

Cookie Cutter Ornaments:

Paint Chip Christmas Tree Ornaments:

Reindeer Handprint Ornaments:

Scrabble Ornaments (to make, try spelling each child’s name and attaching ribbon on the back to hang):

Craft Stick Snowflakes:

Button Wreath:

Decorative CD’s: (because who actually uses CD’s anymore these days anyway?!):

Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments:

Which ornaments will you be trying with your kids this year?


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