Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Helping to Change the Way our Kids Eat at School

Last night, ABC aired a sneak preview of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a new show where the cute and quirky British chef takes on America’s school cafeterias and challenges them to serve healthy and delicious food to our kids. I’ve always loved everything about ’the naked chef’ and now I love him even more. Jamie is starting with Huntington, West Virginia, deemed the unhealthiest city in America. The food served is truly disgusting: 90% frozen and processed, without a green veggy in sight. Since it’s easy to watch and judge, I wanted to check out  the school lunches in my town. Here’s this week’s elementary menu from our local paper:

Ugh. Pizza, meatball subs, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and grilled cheeses are the main meals for the week. I can see they are trying to infuse some healthy stuff like carrot sticks and apples. But let’s face it, the kids will eat the grilled cheese, then the tots, then the milk and probably toss the apple. I live in a town just north of Boston, an area that has been deemed one of the healthiest places in the country…you’d think there would be at least one day with some lean white meat (how about a turkey wrap or some bbq grilled chicken?), but instead the focus is on processed red meat and cheese. That’s why I’m behind Jamie all the way. On his website you can sign a petition to support his movement: http://www.jamieoliver.com/. He wants to show the President how many of us parents really care about serving our kids healthy food in school. I signed it and encourage parents to do the same. Go Jamie!

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